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Aug 26, 2020, 12:00 PM EDT
Online | Live Lecture & Interactive Class

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About Us
American PropTech Academy is dedicated to advancing Real Estate by offering a series of Masterclasses addressing the disruptive trends and cutting-edge technologies affecting the future of the real estate industry. Here students gain actionable insights from innovators, thought-leaders and subject matter experts on topics ranging from from Ai to Gen-Z. Headquartered in New York, American PropTech Academy has a focus on providing professional insights from the US that are transferable globally.
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Course curricula have been formed with the input of global real estate professionals with the objective of addressing the industry’s most pressing needs. At American PropTech Academy we favor case studies and first hand experiences over theory so that our students can apply this knowledge to achieve commercial success. All classes are delivered virtually allowing for both self-guided learning, and interactive round-table discussions with industry peers from around the world.
Learn directly from leading industry practitioners who will share insights from their own projects, and discuss yours with you.

  • Return to Ground Floor Retail
    Wed, Oct 07
    Online | Live Lecture & Interactive Class
    The impact of the COVID-19 lockdowns on retail across New York has been significant. What is the future for retail real estate and how can operators leverage innovation and technology to maximize their success in the new reality for the industry?
  • Live Series | Growing Your Professional Reputation Masterclass
    Wed, Sep 16
    Online | Live Lecture & Interactive Class
    A practical, 'How To' guide on how to gain recognition as a thought leader in your industry to increase your professional presence over two lunchtime classes to be held 16 & 23 September 2020.
  • Live Masterclass | Reopening Class-A Office Buildings
    Wed, Sep 02
    Online | Live Lecture & Interactive Class
    As tenants return to work following the COVID-19 lockdown, Manhattan’s leading owners and landlords have tirelessly worked to both understand the new landscape in the immediate return to office and develop innovative strategies to ensure that their buildings continue to be safe, productive and best
  • Live Masterclass | Next Phase Workplace
    Wed, Aug 26
    Online | Live Lecture & Interactive Class
    What does a hybrid office and work-from-anywhere workplace look like and how can such a strategy be optimized? This course examines the longer-term ramifications of immediate return-to-office interventions with a view of determining the optimal hybrid work-from-office and remote-work strategy.
  • Live Masterclass | Return to Workplace
    Thu, Aug 20
    Online | Live Lecture & Interactive Class
    As organizations discuss their plans to return to the office immediately following the COVID-19 lockdowns, employee safety, wellbeing and productivity is front of mind. Learn from leading experts and authors of industry return-to-work guidelines to gain the right insights to create a strong plan.
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