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Flexible Workplace to Boost NOI

Opportunities for CRE to Reduce Uncertainty Through Increased Flexibility, Partnerships & Innovative Workplace Models
Flexible Workplace to Boost NOI

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About the Course

Flexible Workplace to Boost NOI

Opportunities for CRE to Reduce Uncertainty Through Increased Flexibility, Partnerships & Innovative Workplace Models

Flexible workplace providers have been heralded as the go-to solution to address uncertainty around current and future office space requirements for companies’ current and future needs. Today, with the dual need to increase office space to accommodate safe social distancing, alongside questions around when companies and their employees will be returning to the office, both landlords and workplaces are faced with a high level of uncertainty around future occupancy. During this Masterclass, leaders in Flexible Workplace will share their insights into how this model is the ultimate solution to boost NOI for landlords during uncertain times, whilst providing a safe, productive and preferable workplace experience that allows for not only spacial expansion and retraction, but fast geographical expansion for companies looking to open satellite workplaces outside fo the CBD.

This is the first course the Flexible Spaces Series. See Innovative Models in Flexible & Short Term Accomodation Masterclass. 

Full syllabus coming soon. 

Who This Course is For

Professionals from real estate, technology and human resources would benefit greatly from taking this course.If you are an owner or operator considerting a coworking / flex space solution in your asset, this coure is for you. In addition architects, interior designers, workplace designers workplace operations, facilities managers, operations managers, change managers, PropTech entrepreneurs, managers, team leaders, executives, investors and others would benefit from learning about the content contained in the course to understand not only how the issues affect them but to identify opportunities for their businesses.

While the content focusses on New York and the US, the course is intended for industry professionals from the across the globe.

Course Instructors

  • Evan Fain, General Manager at Industrious (New York)
  • Amol Sarva, Co-Founder and CEO at Knotel (New York) 
  • Nikki Greenberg, Founder at Real Estate of the Future (New York)
  • & more to be announced

Objectives & Outcomes

  1. Receive an overview of the current state of the flexible office market in cities like New York
  2. Identify opportunities for quick geographical expansion and setting up satellite offices
  3. Understand what makes for an optimal, functional flex space
  4. Compare DIY vs external operators
  5. Learn how big name flexible space services provide an amenity to buildings that increase appeal by tenants
  6. Explore whether the various models of flexible space, including in-house operations, hospitality-like servicing, and leasing of space to an operator


  • Module 1: Overview of the Flexible Office market and where it is heading
  • Module 2: Providing Flexibility in Size and Location Through Rapid Deployment 
  • Module 3: Innovation and Fostering New Partnerships in Flexible Space 
  • Module 4: The Pros & Cons of Creating and Operating a Flexible Space Solution In-House
  • Module 5: New Technologies to Optimize Floorplate Usage


The Live Course is designed to be interactive amongst attendees and lecturers. The course will open with a 'cameras on' introduction to all course participants where they can outline their reasons for attending the course and the challenge they are looking to solve.

This course will be delivered live online using a video conferencing platform. Each module will consist of a lecture followed by an interactive tutorial where student can ask questions of the lecturers and discuss the topic.

Following the last lecture, attendees are invited to stay on the platform to continue the discussion with their peers.


Half day. Breaks will be provided between modules.

Resources & Readings

Attendees will be provided the reading list prior to commencement of the course.

Homework & Assignments

There is no homework or assignments for this course. Attendees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the resources and readings.


Participants who attend the full course will be provided a Certificate of Completion for the course.


While the content of this course is delivered in good faith, the course provides general advise and both course creator and course lecturers take no responsibility for the accuracy of its content, especially as it pertains to safety. We strongly advise that you attain independent professional advice. The course will be recorded and we ask that you do not disclose sensitive or confidential information. If you do not want to be recorded, contact learn@americanproptech.com

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